Creativity Tips from Bill Watterson

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From the creator of my favorite comic strip Calvin & Hobbes.

Fox Design Co. in LogoBook

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iPhone 6

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Apple, I appreciate you making the iPhone bigger, but please take it the other way.

Why Branding Is An Artifact

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Good thoughts on petty branding.

The Art of the Process

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Often, extra lengths need to be taken to gain insight into the creation of an image for a brand identity.

Seagram’s Ginger Ale Rebrand

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Simply beautiful work from hatch.

Paula Scher Rails AIGA’s Competition Approach

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A beautiful description of the illogic behind good design.

Grand Central Logo

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Think you can do better? Give it a shot.

An Interview with Dana Tanamachi

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Trajan Typeface Gets Even Better

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Thanks to The Heads of State for the tip-off.

Surrealist Logo Design

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Art Meets Design

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Jon Contino’s new site.

No Decision

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Hand Painted Type

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Via Aymie Spitzer and Under Consideration.


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A super-nice logotype from the hand of Ken Barber.

The Power of Introverts

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Humanizing Desingers

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Yves Behar on business models that promote designers investing in startups.

Mama’s Sauce

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A great looking letterpress and silk screen shop out of Orlando.

Kyle Poff

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I found them on FPO for their work for the Old Parkland, Dallas, collateral system.

Jude Landry on Grain Edit

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It’s nice to see such great work coming out of the Mississippi State University Art Department.

Milton Glaser’s New Website

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Belief Shows Through in Design Work

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Joe Duffy via Debbie Millman.

Paula Scher Map Paintings

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I love seeing established designers branching out into fine art.

HP’s New Identity (On Ice)

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Behind the Scenes of Sabienzia’s Identity Creation

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Great insight (with visuals) into the development of a stunning corporate identity.

NPR’s Voices Visualized

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Polaroid Branding

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‘Aetna Finds its Groove’

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